On Going Away

Mariana Machado
3 min readNov 8, 2023

I never liked being in the same place for too long. That’s probably why I have attended three different universities in order to get my Bachelor’s Degree. I remember feeling bored of being somewhere for too long and always seeking new adventures. Thinking about how this started… well, my parents always encouraged me to travel, so I was lucky to visit a lot of places; and yet, I never encountered a city where I’d see myself living permanently.

You see, my home town is good for those looking to raise a family, or for a safer, calmer city that still has enough to offer — but being in Braga doesn’t really make me happy. Other cities like London, Berlin or Stockholm sound amazing to live in and I’ve visited all of them several times; however, am I really strong enough to brave those winters? I’m not sure.

When I think about my future, I envision myself living in several places a year, for the rest of my life. But will I want to do this when I’m 70y/o? Am I really looking for a place or am I seeking a feeling? Is it that I haven’t found a city that makes me happy, or am I still trying to find myself? To be honest, I don’t have these answers, nor do I know if I want to. All I know is that I’m about to become a full-time explorer and I couldn’t be more excited.

Some people have called me crazy; others have said they’d love the opportunity to do the same — but the fact is I have no clue what to expect. Will I feel lonely? Most likely. Will I be scared? Probably, yes. Will I last until December 2024 living this lifestyle? No idea, but right now it’s the right move for me.

This year has been hard. And yes, I know it’s not December yet, so it seems a bit premature to do a recap of 2023, but here I am. While there were some difficult times, over the last few months I had so much fun. I’ve discovered countless aspects about myself, I’ve made so many new friends I’ll keep forever and I was able to travel somewhere new every month. What more could I have asked for?

This impromptu journey of self-discovery started back in March when I went to Madrid. It wasn’t my first trip this year, but at the time I was sad, lost and had zero hopes for the future. I remember going to museums, walking around the city, seeing all those happy people and feeling completely misplaced. Now, several months later, I’m packing for Madrid once again, and this time I’m so much happier and I have so many plans lined up for the future.

So, what’s next for me? For now, I’ll keep spending some time with family and friends. Then, 2024 kicks off with several trips to different countries and new things that I cannot wait to experience.
Here’s to packing my life and going Nomad. ☄️



Mariana Machado

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